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Re-Phridge has built itself a reputation for providing assistance to manufacturers, engineering contractors, consultancies, governments and development agencies in the refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pump

and refrigerants sectors, relating to:


 •   Advice and information on low-GWP refrigerants and their application

 •   System design and optimisation for low-GWP refrigerants

 •   Interpretation and assessment of equipment against safety standards

 •   Flammability risk assessment

 •   System/equipment design to minimise risk

 •   Integration of and development of safety systems

 •   System performance and warming impact assessment

 •   Leak simulation/dispersion testing

 •   Numerical modelling and simulations

 •   Training of safe system design and handling of flammable refrigerants


We deliver a high level of service as we work with you to ensure a successful outcome for any project undertaken.

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